Mostly Harmless

Mostly Harmless Games is dedicated to perfecting Virtual Reality as a gaming platform.
We produce VR titles with strong core mechanics and great entertainment value for gamers of all ages.
Check out our latest title Munch VR!

Survival of the swiftest

Eat smaller fish to grow in size, but make sure not to get eaten by others first!

Eat or be eaten

Devour your way to the top of the food chain and defeat all other creatures.

Explore the sea

Meet the tasty creatures that roam the corners of our watery planet.

Virtual Reality at its best

Virtual Reality is all about being ‘there’. Immerse yourself in an exciting underwater adventure!


We love the sound of deadlines, but we prefer meeting them long before they woosh by.
What makes a game Mostly Harmless?

The Mostly Harmless approach is all about creating an experience worth remembering.

Our games are as easy to learn as they are easy to enjoy. We put the player right in the middle of our focus and do our very best to provide the highest level of interactive entertainment possible.

Everyone at Mostly Harmless Games have been playing for as long as we can remember, and our diverse taste in games have taught us that every player is completely unique.

Making a fun and memorable game is all about understanding the player's needs, motivations and frustrations and use them to design a world where the player can feel at home, and where they'll always long to return.

  • Core focus

    We believe a strong core mechanic is central to gratifying gameplay.

  • Enjoyable

    A game don't necessarily have to be explicitly fun these days - but ours do!

  • Intuitive

    We're not here to teach you how to play, we prefer to keep things simple!

  • Passionate

    We love games, we want to cater to those who share our passion.

The Mostly Harmless Team

Don't worry - we don't bite.
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Pisinee Phatcharasophon

CEO, 2D Artist
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Victor Assmundsson

CFO, Programmer
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Linus Andersson

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Ossian Lundqvist

3D Artist

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