About Us

Mostly Harmless Games is a small game development studio hidden in the mist shrouded mountains of western Sweden.

We started out as a group of students randomly paired for a game project course at the University of Skövde in april 2015. The goal was to create a prototype for a local multiplayer party game with forklifts in under ten weeks. We named our team of developers after Douglas Adams masterpiece "Mostly Harmless". Our little family of artists, programmers, designers, writers, musicians and audio engineers set about to create what would become a far more ambitious project.

After the course was completed and the prototype finished, the majority of the team decided to take the project with the working title "Gaffeltruck" to a summer course, the joint initiative between the University and Microsoft Game Camp, where the entire summer developing a completely revamped iteration of the game. The game was eventually named "Funklift". After Microsoft Game Camp, most of the team split up and our family shrunk. Five of us remained. We decided to join a ten-week education in business development and entrepreneurship, finalized by a pitch before Gothia Science Park who would later offer us a spot in their incubator.

Our Team



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Thinks "BGR Mod IV" for Medieval II Total War has potential to be the most engaging game experience in the world if only the GUI was designed with a bit more care. Also lives the dream as a virtual football manager in his spare time and encourages his squad of youngsters by performing his horrible rendition of "Creep" from the sideline.

Cream, cheese or the both of them makes ANY Food bettet. Sci-fi or fantasy theme does the same for games.