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Based in Skövde, Sweden

Release date:
May 31 2016

PC / Linux


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EUR €9.99

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Ever wanted to fork your friends? Well you can't, that's disgusting. Instead, please enjoy a heartwarming game of Funklift, the only local multiplayer party game that features forklifts in a futuristic disco setting! Play alone or challenge your friends to a wild race for the highest score! Choose between free-for-all, teams or full cooperative mode.


A party game with forklifts?

Wreck your friends in a wild race for logistical glory!

Do you even lift?

Race across a variety of groovy levels to the rhythm of funk like you’ve never heard it before!
Compete or co-operate with up to three of your friends in a race against time. Find out who the true champion of the storage really is by delivering the most items and racking up the biggest score!

Will you use your cunning and skill to tactically deliver with timing and precision? Or will you use the beastly strength only a four tonne forklift can possess to annihilate your opposition?

What to expect:

  • Streamlined gameplay in a simple yet hilarious concept
  • Hysterical physics that will have you laughing to tears
  • A variety of unique and challenging levels
  • A brain-melting soundtrack that God forgot
  • Sweet forklifts (now in four different colors!)
  • Hats. Why? Because why not.

Fork your friends today!

Listen to your inner forklift operator calling. It thumps your chest like a bass guitar and screeches like a set of skidding wheels.
Glory awaits you and your friends.


Funklift started out as a student project for a university course during the spring of 2015.



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Awards & Recognition

"Honorable Mention as Runners-up of the Skövde Academic Game Award" Gothia Science Park, Skövde, 15 September, 2015

Selected Articles

"Funklift is small. It’s simple. It’s funky. It’s clean. It’s easy. It’s engaging. Most importantly - it’s fun. 8/10"
- Heather Johnson, OPNoobs

"Putting the funk in forklifting with Funklift"
- Bengt Lemne, GameReactor

"Prova svenska indieliret Funklift"
- Petter Hansson Frank, Eurogamer

"Funklift, a party game with disco lights and forklifts"
- BTRE, Gaming on Linux

"Funklift – an exciting Microsoft Game Camp project."
- Laura Bularca, Game Camp Sweden